Saugus House of Pizza Central St, Saugus, MA

Saugus house of pizza has claim to fame because of Saugus residents from old time, we are one of oldest pizza place in Saugus. Very stylish friendly pizza place in Saugus famous the name Saugus house of pizza, high quality fresh ingredients. If you want delicious food, from a family run pizzeria, order online now. The reason our pizza is great because most importantly at Saugus house of pizza, we scrutinize the crust.  We know the ideal dough must be golden from the burning oven, with slightly charred pockets of puffy bubbles in the crust.  When you will be picking up a slice of our pizza, the tip would mostly stand firm, not drooping with the weight of too much sauce or lack of heat.  It will be crisp, but definitely not cracker-like and slight chewiness.  We at Saugus house of pizza always want that slight tang, a mild yeasty flavor with a nicely balanced saltiness always maintained on our pizzas. We will ensure the delicious experience and best pizza of town feelings.

Saugus House of Pizza