Saugus House of Pizza

Saugus Pizza family owned Pizzeria In Saugus

Italian Restaurant

Welcome to Saugus pizza, pizzeria family owned and continued to make traditional pizza. Each generations of Saugus pizza passed their skills down to the next generation. Today, we all know demand for 100% tradition homemade style, cooked pizza is increasing. Without a doubt, the future of real pizza is secure with Saugus pizza as consumers reject pappy mass-produced versions and seek out restaurants, like ours, that only use fresh ingredients and traditional methods. It is not just Saugus people who live our pizza, over the decades people across the other town have also fallen in love with Saugus pizza which is simple yet best pizza. Different pizzerias used different techniques and experimented with their tomato sauce, toppings & dough, but we stick to our own traditions style and our iconic pizza is still evolving, like gluten free pizza option is one the example.