Saugus House of Pizza

Pizza Saugus Ma located at Central St, Saugus.

Italian Restaurant

As any Italian pizza store in Saugus ma we will tell you, a pizza shouldn't be messed about with. Why we are well known pizza in Saugus ma, let’s start with our pizza dough. Our chefs save time & taste by not leaving dough to rise as it's not necessary for a thin-based pizza. You want to enjoy pizza in Saugus ma, we will give more open-textured crust. As for toppings in our pizza, our chefs makes it best by sparing with the sauce and not go too mad on extras, so as to avoid overloading the base and making it soggy. Every ingredient is represented by its proportion by weight to the flour in a recipe, at our pizza place in Saugus we are known for same best taste always.